Doing BIG renders in Maya

Since I wrote the below post "Doing BIG renders in max 9" I have been drowned in the question "so how about Maya"?

Well, this is most easily done from your command line, i.e. your windows command line.

Basically, if you want to render the scene "lion.mb" to a 5000x3000 pixel image, you can do that in tiles or stripes or whatever, from the command line. For example you can split it into five 1000x3000 pixel renders that you save in "c:\foo" directory, like so:

render -x 5000 -y 3000 -reg 0 999 0 3000 -rd c:\foo -im part1 lion.mb
render -x 5000 -y 3000 -reg 1000 1999 0 3000 -rd c:\foo -im part2 lion.mb
render -x 5000 -y 3000 -reg 2000 2999 0 3000 -rd c:\foo -im part3 lion.mb
render -x 5000 -y 3000 -reg 3000 3999 0 3000 -rd c:\foo -im part4 lion.mb
render -x 5000 -y 3000 -reg 4000 4999 0 3000 -rd c:\foo -im part5 lion.mb

Again, remember, if you are doing FG, to avoid seams between the parts, follow the procedure outlined in the original post, i.e. in brief, speaking "Maya language"

  • Reduce Resolution
  • Render to finalgather file by setting Rebuild to "On" and specify a filename
  • Set the finalgather file to "Freeze"
  • Do the actual renders



murphy said...

this is a limited workflow if you need to render even bigger file. if you try the same with 50000x30000 it will fail . . .

Master Zap said...

Not if you slice it up in thirty 50000 x 100 slices


murphy said...

not if your shader uses sampler info for changing parameters according sufrace normal to camera angle. I was trying really hard to do it with no success.

Mark Jones said...

Thanks a lot Zap, really helpful, exactly the info I needed. btw with the script above I found the I got a 1 pixel gap between the images - changing from -reg 0 999 0 3000 to -reg 0 1000 0 3000 fixed this though.

In closing - you are Da Man :-)

Andy William said...

Hi Zap, thanks a lot for sharing the script. I got one scene light up with finalgather and got some displacement map and normal map in it and I need to render out image with the size of 5400x7200 pixel So I divide it into 5 parts but the rendering resulting in no finalgather and even mentalRay at all. I have also save the finalgather map and set it to freeze. Do you know why is this happening? Would you mind help me out please. Thanks before.

bozobozoca said...

Thanks for the tips Zap!

For those who are getting only black images: Add the flag -r mr

** By the way, You could add this in the process Zap. There are may peoples in internet with this problem (black renders)

Josh said...

God!!! Don't try to do what this post details unless your prepared to work your ass off to troubleshoot the other billion problems you'll inevitably encounter.

I had a client who wanted what amounts to a diffuse and spec(reflection) pass of a watch at 2000x11000. After thumbing over the valuable info in Zap's two posts and a plethora of other posts on cmdline rendering and the like, I was finally able to create a batch file that runs. COMPLETELY!!!

The feeling of figuring out stuff through incremental testing is so invigorating despite the fact it took me 14 hours through the night of dreary-eyed zombie-scanning and yawning.

Absolutely rewarding feeling to know I've moved up a belt in the art of Maya. Bring on all the high res prints, I'm ready!!

Thanks Zap! I hate Maya a little less because of you.

Germán said...

I have a great problem with this because it doesn't let me render not even with a really small resolution and I mean 640x480 pixels and lower!!!
So I can't get a good FG file and when I try to render, it shows a black background with some grey tones and a weird alpha channel.

I used the Production shaders, look, this is the image I made (only 1400x1000, higher resolutions made Maya crash)


Could you help me with this???

Christian said...

Is that way running with every renderer (I use arnold and have a render resolution 40000x6000px). Thank you.