The Post SIGGRAPH 2008 Post

Aaah, another SIGGRAPH done. This year was busier than ever, with both a course, masterclass and... stuff.

I'm still Jetlagged out of my head, even a week later, so this will just be a short post to say "I survived"... even the Blur party. :)

As you noticed (in previous post) the amount of QiK coverage I was able to do from the show was near nil - this was mostly due to lack of time but also rather shaky WiFi connectivity in the exhibition hall (it was fine in the conference areas, but who wants to see corridors? ;) ).

I must, however, take this opportunity to thank the guys of mymentalray.com who extended their hospitality quite extraordinarily to make me feel at home, especially Juan who gave me a little "tour".

mymentalray.com Maestro and Myself

While I was there I also visited my friends Colin & Greg at Hydraulx, in their new facility which I hadn't seen before. Verrry nice, their new screening room is sweeeeeeeeeeet. Me want ;)

Hydraulx screening room



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