Blur Cinematic update

A short update: There is a very cool thread over at ZBrush Central about the Blur Warhammer Cinematic mentioned in previous post, which is well worth a read.

On the topic of "random interesting links", I found this page oddly compelling; about a russian guy who invented a color photography process 100 years ago, and only now are the images actually - through the magic of computers - viewable again.



Perry Harovas said...

Wow, fascinating look into the past
with a view we have never had before!

How amazing to see those images, similar to all the ones we have seen before of people posing without smiles, amongst friends or family, looking proud, but this time (for the first time) in color! I was fascinated that this man created the 3 strip color process years before it was thought to have been created. Thank you for this very cool "random" link. Not so random, when you think about it, since it involves color rendering and computer processing, but still, random enough! Thanks Master Zap!

-Perry Harovas

Mario said...

hi mr Håkan "Zap" Andersson........... first i want to excuse myself if this is not the place to ask for help, but i have been looking for help in a solution to this problem in many places and in many ways whith no luck......

so this is the problem:

i am a maya 2008 ext 2 user and there is a big problem whith the new ccmesh system and the mental ray approximation editor for the subd approximation, and the problem is that i can`t use any texture for the poly models because the texture(which is plug into the color in a standard lambert material) doesn't get rendered correctly and is partially blocked by some extrange bulge and the texture is just broken in some parts. I have found some info at zbrushcentral = http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=56061&highlight=approximation+editor , they fix their problems there whith a mel script -- addAttr -ln "miExportCCMesh" -at bool mentalraySubdivApprox1; -- in maya 2008 service pack 1 but in maya 2008 ext 2 this script doesn´t work and maya says -- // Error: (Mayatomr.Geometry) : MeshShape: polygon mesh can't be exported as a subdivision surface // --, but if i turn off the filter type for the texture then the subd approximation works fine whith the texture. I now that is a solution but i need the filter type on for the texture to looks like i need, so if you now some solution whithout turning off the filter type please help me.


harada57 said...
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