FumeFX for mental ray Released

...some time ago, it seems. And I forgot to post about it - sorry.

For those who saw me demonstrating FumeFX rendering in mental ray in singapore, or heard me blabbing about it elsewhere, well, maybe I should have mentioned that it is now actually released? Well it is. Head over to Sitni Sati for a look:





Casey James Basichis said...

Oh my thats fancy.

I wish it was maya friendly

Adam Tow said...

i've been waiting for this to be released for MR for awhile, but stopped paying attention. thanks for posting!!

info said...
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Dynamic Studio said...

We use it in a scene in our Demo Reel to generate a little smoke comming out of a cup.

If anyone wants to see it, here is the link

(Youtube version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caJ4J8atnws


adam k. said...

wow thats cool

jeroen said...

Looks nice. How does this new MR support work? Does the fusionworks renderer simply support the MR render now, or does it facilitate the rendering through an illumination shader?

FOTONICA digital studio + 3D architectural animation said...

i install the plugin and insert in my scene a fume component,but when i render appears a error messager, something that i dont have the fusion work renderer...
any idea??
how to install it??

Anonymous said...

How did you get the fire to show up with the Daylight System? All I can get to show is the smoke. I havent had luck with mR Photographic Exposure control. It seems to be the problem.