SIGGRAPH Masterclass: GIANT ROBOTS (Using mental ray shaders to integrate CG elements into real scenes)

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for being incommunicado for a while. I've been busy, and I've been on Vacation.

On Monday, SIGGRAPH kicks off, and for the first time in many years I will actually not be going there... however, I will be there "in spirit". As usual, I have an Autodesk MasterClass running, only, this year the MasterClasses will be ONLINE, and not live in-person things.

My class is called "Giant Robots: Using mental ray shaders to integrate CG objects into real scenes", and it will be available from August 3rd 2009 somewhere on www.the-area.com

Here's a teaser:

I'll let y'all know when the actual class is on, and give a direct link to it.

Enjoy... and for those actually going to SIGGRAPH in New Orleans... have a beaker for me ;)



Jorge said...

he he he Hi Zap, i read your mental ray tips blog every week at least, it's a neverending source of knowledge and well, tips hehehe i use Mental Ray every day at work and home and it has become my fav renderer over the rest thanks to your work (plural) and your work (Zap), making posible things like SSS and Production shaders. Thanks for all this stuff.


PS BTW, it's not "incommunicado" but "incomunicado" if you were trying spanish ;)

liz said...

wow I look forward to it!

Lucas Pettersson said...

Awesomesauce! I'm currently working on a project related to your topic. Can't wait until the class starts!

Jesse Ellert said...

Hey I really enjoyed your class - topnotch suff!

being a Maya MR user i was able to translate most of the great info using the mr mia_material_x One question tho When subsurfaceing the gear How do you get a subsurface bitmap or create one for MRMaya. Most of the info on this is about SSS shader instead of the desired result you achieved.

Is it possible to get this subsurface bitmap with maya? do I need to use some kind of external plug in or software?

also how would you properly do a zdepth and 2d motion blur pass to match the background and your cg elements?

thanks a bunch

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