I thought this was funny....

I normally don't use mentalraytips.com to post "funny" things, but I had to make an exception for this, because, well... you'll see.

When I received this little video, it literally made my day. It's the "Behind The Scenes" video for Freddie Wong's "Epic VFX Time". Freddie does little funny visual effects experiments and tutorials on his youtube channel - well worth a watch.

However, when this came across my screen, well, I couldn't help but laugh:

I've been mentioned in VFX behind-the-scenes documentaries before - but never like this.

Thanks guys. :)

However, I'd like to massively correct that I am not "the guy who programs mental ray", I am *a* guy who programs mental ray *shaders*. That's different. We are a whole team behind the software, not just me...

But still - thanks!



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Do not let this go to your head Zap. Or should I be calling you George or Brad from now on? :-D

abNormal said...

Yep.. one of the greatest' celebrities on the cg world...

I always use to tell my students

"Read some of the tips of Master Zap, he is a Dj that just happened to work for mental ray writing shaders"

; )