Launching the 2014 product line...

In case you missed it, tonight is a "launch event" for the 2014 products from Autodesk Media and Entertainment, which includes some work I've done. I will be blogging more in detail later about what we added. 

Here is the launch site:

The "Unfold" Event

You can also find the list of new features for 3ds Max. This is a very simplified list, though, and misses a LOT of stuff, like:

  • Unified Sampling
  • Image Based Lighting
  • iRay 3.1
  • Automatic Gamma Correction
  • And more...
It also skips a lot of the "Small Annoying Things" we've fixed in the last year (where in our team alone nearly a 100 'tiny little things' and bugs and whatnot have been slain. Like for example:
  • "Zoom about Mouse" is now the default - and works!
  • mental ray thread priority no longer hangs your computer!
  • New exception handling causes error handling to be much more robust
  • Bugfixes. Bugfixes! BUGFIXES!!
  • Etc. etc. etc.
Did we get to all I'd wanted to fix? For sure not. Max is a big product, and things like killing every bug related to gamma correction... well... that takes time :)

I'll blog on these things as we move forward. For now, have a fun Easter and enjoy the new release.



Glacierise (a.k.a. Hristo Velev) said...

Bugfix releases are good for production ;)

Peter Moore said...

has the issue with Sky portals(when used as lights) and photometric lights only emitting light from the centre been sorted?

Smax said...

And why not Importons, irradiance particles, GPU ambient occlusion, etc?