Movies using mia_material / Arch&Design ?


I'm compiling a list of movies that use the mia_material shader (known as "Arch&Design" if you are a 3ds Max user). I need this to present in front of the Sci/Tech Oscars committee on September 19th 2013... so quick answers are better then slow ones :)

 Did you work on a feature film?

Let me know in the comment field, or drop me an email, tweet me a DM @MasterZap or... whatever.




Kevin Williams said...

Not a feature, but all the interiors were rendered in Maya with the MIA shaders.


1k0 said...

Hi Zap,

It's my base shader for all my work, as in this movie:

Jorge said...

las aventuras de Tadeo Jones (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1764625/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2) was rendererd entirely in Mental Ray in 3dsmax and we used A&D material a lot there, almost every material was A&D, except SSS.

Ways2 Capital said...