Max 9: Converting other materials to "Arch & Design"

If you want to have some cool tools for handling the Arch & Design material in Max 9 (including converting other materials - including vRay materials - into Arch & Design) you can use this script.

Save the file to your 3dsmax/scripts folder, and run it from the "MaxScript" menu.

Then go into the "Customize" menu and choose "Customize User Interface".

Go to "Menus", and on the left side open up the "mental ray" category.

On the right side, open up, say, the "Tools" menu (or any other of your choice).

Drag-and-Drop the "mr Arch Design Tools" to some cool place on that menu.

Voila - you have installed this nifty little add-on.

Note: A much simpler version of this script exists on the max 9 DVD in the sample scripts folder, but this variant is updated.

Enjoy! ;)



Matteo said...

Zap! :-D You are DA MAN!
thanx for this great tip, any chanche to have something similar in maya? :-P



Duncan said...

Brilliant Zap !!
I can't wait to try this on the next Archicad model a client sends me :)


Joep said...

Zap, works great for standard materials but vray materials give me an error Unable to Convert : 0 to type : Boolean

No idea what it means


Robert said...

I get the same error as joep. It is not working for my vray materials.

"vray materials give me an error Unable to Convert : 0 to type : Boolean"

dome said...

Thanks M.Zap!! Great tool!

Is there something we could do to fix the vray material conversion problem?

It would be really useful.

Thanks a lot M.Zap!

Master Zap said...

If you could tell me which *line* the errors end up on, that would help a lot!


Dhong said...

What can I say, you really are the master!

BTW, I have some question regarding
displacement. Why does they seems to break at the edges. I suspect that it has to do with my uv mapping or number of faces. I hope you can help me on this one.


devendra said...

This is very helpful, i tried, it working fine the only thing is it removes the maps from diffuse? am i going wrong somewhere or it like this only?

devendra said...

I got it, thanks!!!

MarkGerhard said...

Zap, I'd like to use this script in my 3ds max class, is it ok to distribute this to my students?

Master Zap said...

Of course, you can give it to your students or just give 'em the link to this blog entry.... whichever works for you.


Christopher L said...

You saved me! Thanks so much.

NelusArt said...

Thanks a lot
It a great job

Curt said...

where is the link to the script, please?

Hwagner said...

Hi Zap
i have downloaded and placed the macroscript in the scripts directory. in max i go to run script and nothing happens. is this an invisible app where you dont see it do anything?

Hwagner said...

sorry Zap, i guess when you run the script, it places the option in the user interface without notifying. it works quite well. thanks

daniel said...

Zap i dont know much about scripting but i was wondering if its easy to update for the new version of arch and design material. all i really want is to be able to toggle on and off the self illuminated rollout of materials. which when this script was made was not part of the material if i remember corectly.

Hank said...

Hi there,

Does this work with 3dsmax 2009. Maybe I am doing something wrong but it does not do anything when I press "convert materials to M&D"

Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob said...

I'm can't seem to convert a VRay Multi-Subobject to MR with the script. Mat 1 is a 'VRayMtl.' It has a .jpg in the dissuse, reflect and bump slots. Mat 2 is a 'VRay2SidedMtl' and has 'VRayMtl' in the 'Front material.' It uses no maps.

When I convert, only Mat 1 converts to MR and Mat2 does nothing. If I drag Mat 2 to it's own slot and run the script nothing happens either.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

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Cherokee_ro said...

i don't think it works in 2010 ..i installed it and i push convert to mr arch and nothing happens??? any ideeas?

Cherokee_ro said...

i don't think it works in 2010 ..i installed it and i push convert to mr arch and nothing happens??? any ideeas?

Kelly said...

Thank you so much, I've been scouring the web for this script and wasn't sure how to install it, but following your instructions it worked a charm.

My only comment is that, after conversion I have to go through each material and change the setting for "show standard map in viewport" as we're using baked textures, but ours is an unusual situation so it may be set like this for a reason.

Thank you so much!


rodrigotrovao said...

Hi Mr Zapp. Do you know if this script works with a computer which has no vray on it? Works with max 2013? Thanks a lot

rodrigotrovao said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Marcellus Ludovicus Servus said...

Does anyone have problems with the materials coming out really dark when rendering with sky domes? I've converted some xfrog foliage and turns out really dark. I've noticed that the reflection color is changed to black instead of white (white is default in arch and design for v2010). After changing it to the white reflection color I notice some improvement but the leaves are still extremely dark. I'm assuming it's something similar that has been changed to a darker color, but I can't find the setting. Please help a kindred spirit :)

adem kaplan said...

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