Singapore Sling: SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008

In December, I am flying to Singapore to attend SIGGRAPH ASIA.

Singapore. I think.

This will really be my first visit to this corner of the world, so it will be interesting. Assuming the current planning remains, you can most likely find me around our mental images corner of the NVidia booth, as well as doing mental ray demos in the Autodesk booth. I'll be tweeting as well, as usual.

Among other things, one thing I will be doing at SIG' ASIA is to do a re-run of my masterclass from SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles, entitled "Miracles and Magic".

It was clear I had tried to cram way too much stuff to fit in the 1.5 hours I had; I had to skip every single live demo, and leapfrog little gems to just to get through it all. But I did get through it all, at a breakneck pace.

The Audience looked somewhat like this:

So... the idea here is to re-do pretty much the same masterclass, but as a 3 hour version. This would give us a more ... relaxed... pace, and the demo bits would actually fit!

So, to be totally clear. If you were at my Autodesk masterclass (not the "SIGGRAPH Course" on "HDRI for Artists") held at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, you already saw this, but very ... quickly. :)

So if you weren't in L.A, and are interested in the same topics, feel free to attend. The blurb for the class reads as follows:

  • The course will focus on photo-realistic rendering in mental ray in the context of visual effects, as well as for product and architectural visualization. The session will open with a quick introduction to photometric concepts followed by a practical guide to a linear workflow and why proper gamma correction is imperative. It will then move on to efficient techniques for achieving highly realistic results when combining CG and live action by combining existing tools together (e.g. the architectural and production shader libraries), techniques for rendering flicker-free animations with Final Gathering, and tips for conserving memory.

For more information about attending the Autodesk Master Classes, go here.



JHN said...

I'm wondering will any of this content be available some day, like on subscription or something, that would be awesome..

Master Zap said...

Some of it already is, in the form of this blog, and will continue to be trickled out over time.

Some of it will be on linearworkflow.com when I ever find time to complete that (unlikely in the near term).

I don't know if Autodesk is releasing it as a download or similar, you'll have to ask 'em. I know they record everything, fo sho'.


JHN said...

I'll be sure to watch out for it then. Good luck in Asia and thanks!

Wen Hao said...

Hey Zap,
I am considering going for your masterclass in singapore but I am curious as I am a maya/mental ray user.

Would that leave me pretty confused if my knowledge of mental ray is still not where it should be ( In-ability to connect and use every node availible to its fullest mostly).

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