Event: December 4:th: An Evening with Blur Studios

On thursday, december 4:th, 2008, Blur Studios will hold a presentation about their "Warhammer Online" cinematic, and how they used mental ray for all of it.

The event is in Hollywood, CA, and is free of charge.

Details are here.

UPDATE: The event is now online here



Jan said...

Man..pff why don't I live in CA.. Can someone plz remind me?

The cinematic is awesome...
The mental ray use is one the best I've seen in high-end animation...

The thread about it on zbrushcentral only makes me want one to learn more about it.

Any chance at a videofeed for those who can't be there ?

Vapes said...

That trailer was pretty incredible.

Why can't we get more movies released in styles like that?

Master Zap said...

You may, sooner than you think. :)


thanida said...

Friend I could not understand properly. I did as you said on my blog, but I could not understand that what result has to come?