Up up and away....


I'm at the airport awating my first airlift enroute to SIGGRAPH ASIA in Singapore.

As a precaution, I took the photo on the right of my bag, so if it gets lost, I can show people what it looks like ;)

Smaller updates of my travels and wherabouts will be on Twitter, so follow me there, please.

If I am in Wifi range, I may show up on the FRING thingamabob on the right side.

Also, there may be QiK updates now and then.... stay tuned, same zap time, same zap channel....



Kirat said...

hi master zap.
where can i meet you in singapore before unofficial cgsociety meetup?
I got the tickets now. :) I am coming tomorrow. Want to meet you soo much... :)

Kirat said...

when are you visiting India?