Singapore Setup Session

Duncan Brinsmead

I arrived alive and well in Singapore, almost immediately ran into Duncan Brinsmead from Autodesk (pictured here on the left) and since we had some free time we walked around Singapore, and even took a trip on the "Singapore Flyer", which is the Singaporean version of the London Eye thingy.

As it happens, both Duncan and myself are doing presentations at tonights Autodesk User Group event.

So for us, today is "Teh Big Setup Day" for this presentations, as well as the booth theatere stuff.

For most of the week, I'll be alternating between the Autodesk and NVidia booths. I also hear Autodesk is streaming their booth theatre presentations over the net this year (see link below).

Convention Center

On Friday december 12:th, the 3 hour version of my "Miracles and Magic" mental ray masterclass will be held. It's in the convention center, but note it's an Autodesk masterclass and hence requires a ticket beyond the siggraph one.

More information on User Group event, Masterclasses, and Streaming..



matt said...

according to the program your presentations won't be streamed... any chance of changing this?

Master Zap said...

Were they? I have no idea either way. I told them it was okay to do so, so they *should* have been, but I have no idea what really happened. I have done my last one now anyway, so I dunno... :)


matt said...

heh, turns out they had tech problems and couldn't get the streaming to work, which is a shame. hopefully they'll post videos online at a later date, so we can gauge your reception. was it really that bad? they don't get mentalray in singapore?

Master Zap said...

Yeah there was no (useful) internet connectivity in the exhibition hall, which probably screwed up the streaming efforts....

Oh and about the "reception" i reffered to the reception party, which was perhaps not the best things I've ever been at. Alas, water under the bridges (like the party was) and all that... :)

mental ray seems very well loved in Asia, so no worries there.