mental ray tutorials by Jeff Patton

If you follow this little link you will end up on a place where you can purchase (cheaply!) tutorials by my good friend and mental ray guru Jeff Patton.

They cover all sorts of topics from stuff all the way over to things ;)

Check them out!



Tay A. Othman said...

He is a Great dude...one time he told me how to make a grass displacement in mentalray..

What makes mentalray differs from other renderers ? it's people they are so skilled people

thanks Godfather

PAOLA said...

Master Zap! how do I use an image sequence with mip_cameramap? I use a maya file node but doesn't work when batch rendering. A lot of people had this problem in the forums. Please help.

Robin said...

Hi Zap!
I just listened to your appearance at fxguide's podcast. Being relatively new to maybe not 3D but rendering and compositing(I'm currently studying 3D in the last year in "gymnasiet" ;) ), I found the discussion very interesting. And it gave me a idea of how gamma works in the production work flow(or rather how it SHOULD work). Which is perfect, since I'm really going to need it for my school project. I'm just going to thank you (and the fxguide team) for a marvelous podcast before I make this comment WAY to long!
And to stay on topic:
If I had the money I would definitely buy those tutorials, they seems awesome, but for now I'll just have to try and survive by reading free tutorials and great blogs!

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