My appearance on the FXGuide Linear Workflow Podcast

FXGuide Linear Workflow Podcast

Mike Seymour of FXGuide/FXPhd lost in China

I was recently interviewed by my good friend Mike Seymour over at FXGuide.com about linear workflow and linear compositing in a visual effects context.

You can listen to us ramble on the topic for nearly an hour by right here, or you can read a bit about it and comment here where you can also subscribe to the podcast for more glorious FX geekiness.

In the podcast, I mention Stu Machwitz about 1024 times. You can find Stu's blog over at ProLost.com (He doesn't consider it profound - get it?), and Stu even wrote a very lovely note on his blog in response, very heartwarming, thank you Stu! *wipes tear from eye*


Of course, as is when I ramble several run-on sentences for almost an hour, som errors creep in. After listening to it, I realize I misspaketh on a couple of places (disregarding some grammar snafu's, after all, I'm Swedish, darnit!)

  • I incorrectly attribute the creation of the EXR format to Pixar, I of course meant ILM. Apologies to both parties.
  • When describing the math of the "screen" composit operation, I say "sum" where it should be "product", i.e. the correct sentence should be "one minues the product of one minus each of the components". Duh. I.e. (1 - ((1 - A) * (1 - B)))

FXGuide and FXPhd

If you guys don't know about FXGuide, and their companion training site FXPhd, I suggest you check them out. These guys are very passionate people with a great knowledge of visual effects techniques, and they do some very nice stuff.


Going to LinearWorkflow.com today isn't terribly interesting, but some stuff is coming up in a not too distant future. I just have other higher-priority work happening right now... stay tuned... :)

And, BTW, don't buy that stupid T-shirt, it's CafePress and it actually came out not-so-pretty.



andres said...

hi master!

thank you for the excellent podcast on linear workflow. really helpful stuff made my understanding much clearer on the topic.

ive been intorducing linear style of compositing to my workflow very fluently at the moment and things have cleared up a lot since then.
i have been starting thinking more critically over every step in the line of compositing cg images overall.

in search of knowledge i found your post in mymentalray forum : http://mymentalray.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1491

this all sounds very logical - but how can one keeping this info in mind composite for example an ao pass in post? or sss for that matter?

a thing that comes to my mind is that if adding is the only non destructive operation you can do then the image can only get brighter during compositing
operations? i know that you can get away with a lot of things if not too much correction is needed, but just theoretically it intrests me.

if gaining is "allowed" then i could make an inverted ao pass for a mask, and gain down my diffuse for ao effects - but then agein thats not gaining anymore, is it?
its substracting - which can lead to trouble as well? :)

sorry for the long post and many questions, but i just wanted to write things clearer for myself also:)

thanks again for your knowledge and sharing it in forums and podcasts!

take care.

Smurph Lin said...

Interesting stuff. I've been looking into business rules engine as well as workflow managing solutions, and I found this pretty interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post this!

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