MasterClass now in 9 languages

The link is still the same, click here.

But if you didn't understand what I was rambling about before, you can now not understand what I ramble about, subtitled :)




Юрий said...

russian translation is quite stupid. Like they were doing it in translate.google.com =)

but anyway great mastercalss even though I use maya =)

Master Zap said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Unfortunately they didn't give me a chance to check their english transcript before they sent it out to the translators, so the translators actually got source material that was partially wrong :)

I only got to see this when I was told to check the German translation for accuracy, and was given file with the Enlish and German side by side, seeing several errors in the English.

So the only translation with "my stamp of approval" is actually the German one. And that is only as of it's technical correctness, not it's grammatical correctness since I don't even speak German very well. :)


พีรดา สายแสง said...

Thanks for letting me have a comment.

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กวิน ฮา said...