Animago Conference Masterclass

On October 29:th and 30:th is the Animago Conference including the Animago Awards. This occurs in Babelsberg (which is the Berlin version of Hollywood).

On Friday October 30:th, at 9AM, I will be holding a mental ray Masterclass there. See the page above for more details, and stuff.

Welcome if you are in the neighborhood!


I will try to send out some updates to twitter, Phazeb00k and QiK as the event unfolds, feel free to follow:



elliot415 said...

Will this Animago masterclass be recorded and allowed for public view like the Autodesk masterclass?

Master Zap said...

I do not think they are recorded, but I am not totally sure.


mike said...

I would love to get the downloadable version of this upcoming masterclass, your first series was fantastic. Cheers.

teste said...

Zap, hello over ther...

i know this is not the correct place to ask for somehting, but there it goes.

man, its there in any way you guys from MI can add more stuff into de MIA material in maya? i mean...

* Dispersion ( for diamond )
* mia_Roudcorners ( buildin please... just like it is in MAX... )
*Fresnel not connected to IOR.

we need some stuff like that in that shader.

พีรดา สายแสง said...

I think the web owner would understand.


Thank you very much.

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