"What he said"

I love when people save me time. One guy who saves me time sometimes is Jeff Patton. He has another mental ray Blog an sometimes he reads my mind, and magically write things that I intend to post, saving me the time to actually post it.

Just now, for example, Jeff posted a tip on how you can use the portal lights as light cards. Quite useful, and quite an intended "additional feature" of the portal lights, albeit perhaps a tad under-documented....

Another cool mental ray Blog (more slanted towards Maya) is DJX blog with a lot of cool tips.

I'll add these blogs to my link list on the right, methinks....



José Miguel said...

Thank's for the info Mr. Zap

a monkey said...

with maya (2008), you have to enable "Use Ligh Shape" in the mental ray section of the area light. Also visibility is in this section.

The mib_cie_d is connected in the Custom Environment slot - Advanced Attributes of the mia_portal_light node.

Andy23 said...

Hi there,

what's the difference of using the skyportal light with an assigned mib_cie_d shader instead of an area light with the same shader. Am I missing something?

Just asking :)

John Smith said...

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