my mental ray talk at the End User Event

Hello Everyone!

Those of you who enjoy watching me ramble endlessly (yes, such people exist), and don't think traveling to Utrecht (A short 30 minute train ride outside of Amsterdam), have nothing better to do on the 28:th and 29:th of May, and think the idea of a whole bunch of cool 3D people meeting in an actual bar is a good idea, should probably check out the End User Event

We'll all meet here, at the Florin

This event is arranged by my good friend Joep van der Steen, author of the book "Rendering with mental ray & 3ds Max. The event is a kind of meet-and-greet get-together combined with a bunch of masterclasses and talks; sort of like a microscopic version of SIGGRAPH, but in a small Dutch bar in a very nice (not so) little town.

Feel free to sign up at www.EndUserEvent.com, I think you will find it an enjoyable experience, and there is many things to learn...

Speakers include yours truly (about mental ray), my collegue Ruediger Raab (about mental mill and MetaSL), as well as many other great people like Ted Boardman (depicted on the right), Niel Blevins, Allan McKay, as well as Ken Pimentel, product manager for 3ds Max, and many many others.

I'm doing two sessions there:

* Gamma and Linear Workflow
* mental ray production rendering tricks & tips

Meet you there! Sign up now while seats remain!



Fantastic Plants

Click the image above to see one of the most amazing foliage/grass/etc rendering I ever saw, any renderer, any time. To know it was done with sun&sky, mia_material, and mental ray, warms my heart.

Five stars. Times ten.



FumeFX for mental ray Released

...some time ago, it seems. And I forgot to post about it - sorry.

For those who saw me demonstrating FumeFX rendering in mental ray in singapore, or heard me blabbing about it elsewhere, well, maybe I should have mentioned that it is now actually released? Well it is. Head over to Sitni Sati for a look: