This is the 100:th post...

...and it's only appropriate that it is about the fact that I've been hired by Autodesk.

Yes, you've seen Ken spill the beans over on CGTalk. It is true. Autodesk has hired me to handle rendering and funky stuff like that. Pixels. Whatnot. Friday sept 30:th is my last day at mental images/NVidia (which I end by doing the meet-and-greet-3d event in Berlin, see previous post), and Monday October 3:rd my first day at at Autodesk... this time around (I used to work for Autodesk in the past, doing mechanical design software).

This all started around some discussion between my good friends Neil Hazzard, Shane Griffith and myself back at EUE (all good friends which will now be my actual colleagues). It was thrown out as an idea, we pondered the thought, thought it made sense, and I talked to my managers at mental images/NVidia, and everybody thought it made a lot of sense.

Integration of mental ray and iray into Autodesk products have always been.. problematic. Integration work was done by Autodesk, but there was never a dedicated person with enough precise know-how of the nitty-gritty details to handle it (or sometimes simply not enough priority put on it). Well...... now I will be working there. 'nuff said :)

I think this will be interesting, and I've been "Shader Wizard" for mental images (now "NVidia ARC" - "Advanced Rendering Center") for 7+ years now, perhaps it's time to move forward to New Challenges. Todays physical rendering doesn't really require "shaders" in the same way it did in the past anyway..... 'tis all BSDF's and physics and shiny stuff :)

It's not like I'm moving far anyway. I will probably be in all the same meeting, just on the other "side"....

I think this will be really interesting, and the future is Bright (about 95000 cd/m^2 to be exact). Lets go there together.

With Sunglasses.

Also, as I type this I am finalizing some Really Cool Sh%t. Stay tuned - as always :)



Appearing at Meet and Greet 3D

On Sepmber 30:th 2011 I will be speaking at the Meet and Greet 3D event in Berlin.

I will do a small sit-down session about Linear Workflow at 2 PM, and a big-hall presentation about the physics of light at 11.50AM. <=== UPDATED TIME!!!

Venue info etc. available at www.MeetAndGreet3D.com


  • Forum Adlershof, Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin

See you all there. :)