Launching the 2014 product line...

In case you missed it, tonight is a "launch event" for the 2014 products from Autodesk Media and Entertainment, which includes some work I've done. I will be blogging more in detail later about what we added. 

Here is the launch site:

The "Unfold" Event

You can also find the list of new features for 3ds Max. This is a very simplified list, though, and misses a LOT of stuff, like:

  • Unified Sampling
  • Image Based Lighting
  • iRay 3.1
  • Automatic Gamma Correction
  • And more...
It also skips a lot of the "Small Annoying Things" we've fixed in the last year (where in our team alone nearly a 100 'tiny little things' and bugs and whatnot have been slain. Like for example:
  • "Zoom about Mouse" is now the default - and works!
  • mental ray thread priority no longer hangs your computer!
  • New exception handling causes error handling to be much more robust
  • Bugfixes. Bugfixes! BUGFIXES!!
  • Etc. etc. etc.
Did we get to all I'd wanted to fix? For sure not. Max is a big product, and things like killing every bug related to gamma correction... well... that takes time :)

I'll blog on these things as we move forward. For now, have a fun Easter and enjoy the new release.



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