Digital Tutors mental ray training

My friend Sylvain Berger (who also runs a rendering blog over at http://kobayashystips.blogspot.com/) alerted me to availability of mental ray training over at Digital Tutors.

You can sign up for an account and access a subset of the trainings free of charge as samples. One of these free samples, which Sylvain points out, happens to be a really nice training on using the production shaders in Softimage, which I can recommend.

For those Softimage users who took my masterclass (below) and were annoyed by all the UI happening inside 3ds Max, and wanted to find those equivalent buttons and shaders in Softimage, this training is for you.



The SIGGRAPH 09 masterclass is LIVE

Clickety here for the masterclass "GIANT ROBOTS: Using mental ray shaders for introducing CG elements into real shots".

Giant Robots 2009 SIGGRAPH Masterclass

You need to register 1st, but it's free!

Enjoy me rambling for 1.5 hours ;)

UPDATE: Link is now back online - but it seems to require Flash 10. I had Flash 9 in Firefox, and it did not work, but never gave any error message.