SIGGRAPH 2008 talks

Phew. I just finalized the course notes for my SIGGRAPH talks.

As mentioned before, I will be holding an Autodesk masterclass with the title of "Miracles and Magic: mental ray technology in Photo-real Rendering for Production". This will - on popular demand - be a lot about gamma and linear workflow (I actually clocked the pure presentation "talky" part on this segment alone at 30 minutes, sans practical demo bit!).

Beyond the LWF/Gamma stuff, it'll talk about CG/Live Action integration, and tips for rendering flicker-free animations, and some other stuff (assuming I can get through it all in time ;) ).

Unless things change, the masterclass itself is from 1:30PM to 3:00PM on Thursday, August 14:th. There is also a "QA with all the masterclass presenters" on Wednesday, August 13:th at 9:00AM that I will also participate in. The full agenda and more info is here.

Furthermore, I will also be co-teaching a SIGGRAPH course entitle "HDRI for Artists" together with Kirt Witte (Savannah College), Hilmar Koch (ILM), Gary Davis (Autodesk) and Christian Bloch (HDRLabs).

The class is set for Monday, 8:30-12:15 in room 502A.

To make it easier to track these things, I've added a twitter feed, plus I gave this place a new, short, easy-to-remember URL: