SIGGRAPH 2008 talks

Phew. I just finalized the course notes for my SIGGRAPH talks.

As mentioned before, I will be holding an Autodesk masterclass with the title of "Miracles and Magic: mental ray technology in Photo-real Rendering for Production". This will - on popular demand - be a lot about gamma and linear workflow (I actually clocked the pure presentation "talky" part on this segment alone at 30 minutes, sans practical demo bit!).

Beyond the LWF/Gamma stuff, it'll talk about CG/Live Action integration, and tips for rendering flicker-free animations, and some other stuff (assuming I can get through it all in time ;) ).

Unless things change, the masterclass itself is from 1:30PM to 3:00PM on Thursday, August 14:th. There is also a "QA with all the masterclass presenters" on Wednesday, August 13:th at 9:00AM that I will also participate in. The full agenda and more info is here.

Furthermore, I will also be co-teaching a SIGGRAPH course entitle "HDRI for Artists" together with Kirt Witte (Savannah College), Hilmar Koch (ILM), Gary Davis (Autodesk) and Christian Bloch (HDRLabs).

The class is set for Monday, 8:30-12:15 in room 502A.

To make it easier to track these things, I've added a twitter feed, plus I gave this place a new, short, easy-to-remember URL:





Glacierise (a.k.a. Hristo Velev) said...

That would be quite nice, it's just a pity that a lot of people don't want to read and experiment a little with the linear workflow. Then presentation time could be used to shed light on more obscure topics, but maybe next time ;)

Unknown said...

oh it's a shame i can't come to LA :(
Zap, you knows i'm a curious guy, so, this "If time permits, the class will close off with a demonstration of
the "latest and greatest" mental ray tools, and a sneak peak at some potential
future technology"
sounds really interesting :D
any chance to have some notes in your blog about this?

Master Zap said...

@matteo: Should be noted that that "brief synopsis" was written BEFORE the decision to talk "more about gamma" was done, so the chance there will be any time left over for "latest and greatest" is slim to none. Besides, those "latest and greatest" things will most likely be shown on the show floor anyway, so....

But yeah, some stuff will appear on the blog as well, eventually.


Unknown said...

i can't wait to see your latest and greatest tools Zap ;) i know you never disappoint us

i'm dagon

weedcl said...

I dunno if this is a TABOO, MYTH or BLASFEMY for mental ray users but what do you think about V-ray and when other people prefer V-ray and say: "V-ray is better, faster, etc...?" (i'm both vray and mental ray user)

Unknown said...

weedcl i don't think this is the right place to talk about it.
anyways i'm using both mray and vray in my works and i still prefer mray for most of them. vray and mray are great renderers, use what you think is better for you, what "the people" says is not important


Master Zap said...

> dunno if this is a TABOO,
> mental ray users but
> what do you think about V-ray

Yes, it's blasphemy ;)


Unknown said...

Thank You Master Zap! I can't describe how MUCH I have learned from your posts/blogs/work. I sincerely appreciate it, you MASTER!

If there is anything I can do to help you, I'll always be glad to do so.


Filip Orrby said...

will this masterclass be avalible in video to download

Anonymous said...

nice i need to get the vray demo first