Out with the OLD, in with the NEW: RenderingTips.com

The blog is dead - long live the blog!!

Since "mental ray tips" is not a very useful name for a blog when there is no such thing as "mental ray" any more, I decided to park this blog and I've started a brand new one.

It's called Zaps Rendering Tips and you find it over at

That's also where you learn what the heck "Uncle Bobs Shader Emporium" is.

Enjoy :)



OSL (Open Shading Language) in 3ds Max 2019

Hello my friends.

It's been a long time since I posted to this blog. As you know, I do not work with mental ray at all any more. My work is in the 3ds Max rendering team. And I try my hardest to build features in 3ds Max that are independent of what renderer you are using.

The latest of these features is OSL - the Open Shading Language

I won't ramble here, but let me ramble on this video on the topic:

I hope you guys enjoy this, even though there is nothing "mental ray" abotu it. As always, I dream of renderer independent things, and amazing, physically based rendering. This project has been my little "pet" thing for the last six months. Please enjoy....