SIGGRAPH 2013 and Cinefex

Hello everybody! Sorry for the lack of posting.


As usual this time of year, it's time for the SIGGRAPH conference, this year in Anaheim. Yes, I am going, and as a matter of fact I am Speaking. Thursday, before lunch, in the "Physically Plausible Shading in Theory and Practice", I will hold a talk named "Everything you always wanted to know about mia_material * (* but were afraid to ask)", which will explain the story of how the mia_material (Arch&Design to 3ds max users) shader was developed, why it does what it does, why it is so hard to replicate... and a lot of funny anecdotes never ever heard elsewhere (and very very little math).

Show up - enjoy!

If you are attending this year, make sure to get the cool App, where you can see which talks I'm going to by "following" Zap Andersson. That is, if you are interested in hardcore rendering as I am ;)

See you all in Anaheim


I bet nearly everyone reading this blog knows about the magazine Cinefex and is probably a subscriber. But I bet many of us has also looked longingly at the back issues and how many times have we not wanted to hold that issue about E.T. in your hands?

Well... you may be able to... soon... assuming your hands also hold an iPad!

A couple of people I know have gone through the audacious task of  licencing all the Cinefex back issues and speant a year scanning every copy, OCR'ed it, marked it up for search.... etc.

Words fail me at describing this task, and I will let them describe it for themsleves, on their Kickstarter page, which you can find HERE:


Or watch this video:

If you find this interesting, consider throwing them a $ or more for the effort. I don't even have an iPad and still did it. Just the Blade Runner issue of Cinefex recently went for $250 on eBay. Here you ALL TEH CINEFEXES. That's...a deal.