DOF and Sun & Sky issue

There is a known issue when using the Sun & Sky in max 9 together with depth of field. Objects turn out like odd wireframe-looking... things.

The cause for this is actually the long list of lens shaders that gets added by the "Aerial Pespective" feature built into Sun & Sky.

For now there is a workaround.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Create a Sun & Sky system as normal, by creating a daylight system and choosing "mr Sun" and "mr Sky", affirming the pop up question of "do you want to ad a 'mr Physical Sky' environment" with a resounding YES.
  2. Then, change the skylight option from "mr Sky" to "Skylight"
  3. Change the Skylights option to "Use Scene Environment"
Now a nearly identical rendering (but without any Aerial Perspective) will result, since the standard mad Skylight will pick up the "mr Physical Sky" environment shader for the lighting. The net result is nearly identical to the normal rendering using a "mr Sky" and the depth of field will now work.

The difference is that now one needs to do any "tweaks" to the sky strictly in the "mr Physical Sky" shader, and to do this, one needs to "drag-and-drop" it (as an "instance") from the "Environment" dialog into a free slot of the material editor, then tweak away.



Anonymous said...

hmm i had the same problem, thanks for the fix!

Unknown said...

Zap,Thanks for the work around.
I log this one a while ago to Autodesk.

Mr. Bluesummers said...

This was a solid post. I just wanted to let people know that I actually created a basic sun-and-sky Monday Movie, in addition to several tutorials, on my blog at http://www.MrBluesummers.com


Mr. Bluesummers said...

Great tutorial! I'll be adding this to my 3d links site.


Will said...

finally a fix!


Unknown said...

Perfect! This work around is exactly what I needed to finish my project. Thank you!