mrMaterials.com & The Floze Tutorials


Last week, the site mrmaterials.com opened officially to the public, so you can actually up- and download materials there as well as (like I mentioned in my last post) mymentalray.com. So don't be shy, up & download those nice mental ray materials as much as you like!

The Floze Tutorials

Florian Wild, most known as "Floze" online, has put together an outstanding set of tutorials for mental ray about rendering various types of environments. These are, in order:

Sunny Afternoon




Candle Light


Florian has undoubtedly done a great job on these, and they are very good reading, and even though they are written for Maya, mental ray is mental ray, so the basic techniques can be transported to XSI, 3ds Max etc. just as well.

Luckily, Floze has already done the thinking for you here as well, and this is available in eBook format from www.3dTotal.com for £8.55 (which I think he is well worth).



Siggraph is closing in. I plan to do a bit of "reporting" from it on twitter, (so follow me there), and I may even, if I get extra crazy, do some QiK coverage. We'll see....

...until next time - keep tracing. ;)


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floze said...

Thank you for the links and the kind words, Zap, much appreciated! It's your shaders and your knowledge that's in these tutorials, you're the major sifu/sensei there! Thanks a million, Cheers