Electronic Theatre FTW!

I sit here outside the Eletronic Theatre at Siggraph Asia 2008 posting this, waiting to get in. The Electronic Theatre has always been a cherished Siggraph event, the highlight of the entire conference.

Yet, this year, in Los Angeles, there wasn't one. In the opinion of me, and many others, this was a disasterous move.

My good friend Mike Seymour from FXGuide (who was also nice enough to MC my Masterclass) has started an online petition to bring it back, so when we go to New Orleans in 2009, this Gem of the computer graphics industry will be back in it's proper forum, to spread the digital joy we all so desperately crave (oh, how poetic!).

So please, if you are a Siggraph nut, head over to and sign it.

Thanks. I'll now go in and enjoy the show...


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