MetaSL in 3ds Max 2011 - demo

After posting my last post, I've gotten a lot of questions around the MetaSL implementation in 3ds Max 2011 and the Mental Mill SE 1.1 beta. Well... to demonstrate this, I've made a little video presentation (actually a shortened version of what I showed at the EUE event mentioned two posts back).

So click here to check out the video, it's 15 minutes of me rambling....

The presentation shows my MetaSL "eye" shader (to be posted soon) run in mental mill, mental ray, 3ds Max viewport, and the Quicksilver renderer.

Enjoy! :)



Kevin deguisne said...

thank you zap,is it possibe to make the "viewport version" to use a cubemap too for reflection even a baked one?

Unknown said...

Thank you. I always wanted to use Mental mill but I don't know how any coding language. But with your video I won't be scared to try now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm more that fired up to go learn & explore Mental Mill along with MetaSL now. Can you please direct me to where I need to go to start learning? I would really love to know, or see, a tutorial on how the eyes from your screen cast were created & controlled - totally awesome man! :)

Unknown said...

Very Awesome!
Any chance of making the source for the eye-shader public? :)