MetaSL.org - MetaSL Tutorial and Reference Book/Website

Hello everybody!

Today we release MetaSL.org which is a companion website to the work-in-progress book about MetaSL programming by Andy Kopra and Lutz Kettner.

This site/book is a walkthrough of the concepts behind MetaSL and will show you how to write shaders in the MetaSL language.

Now, let it be clear that this is intended as a living "work in progress site", so these are the initial chapters of the book, available online.

I quote from the page: "Chapters of the MetaSL book will be posted on the website in both HTML and PDF formats as they are written. The structure and contents of earlier chapters may change as required by the development of later chapters. The reference pages, based as they are on the MetaSL specification, will not change between MetaSL specification versions, though improvements may be made in the way the content is hyperlinked and cross-referenced."

What is available so far is the first four chapters explaining topics such as basic language concept and layout, and some of the most basic shading- and raytracing concepts.

The book also has an accompanying forum on the mental images website, where questions and feedback can be posted. You will get an unprecedented front-row seat to the evolution of this book. Enjoy the ride!



Gustavo Ribeiro said...

Hi Zap,
I am new on mental ray.
You can give some tips?
I have a problem with material attibutes "ambient color".
When i disable the option "Enable Default light" the scene is gonna to be black.but, when my object have some "ambient color" value this appears on my black scene with no lights.
Because of this i cant use ambient color value in my materials.
what i have to made for have a clean scene for lighting and still have ambient color values on my materials without affecting my lighting?


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