Welcome to EUE 2011

As several years previously, I will be presenting at the EUE (= "End User Event") 2011 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The event is June 30:th/July 1:st, and it is held in the Florin, a nice old building that used to be a bank, but now is a pub..... with adjoined conference rooms.

Think of the event as the worlds smallest SIGGRAPH - only with the commercial glitz shaved off, and held in a pub. And if you walk outside, you are not run over by yellow cabs, but by blonde students on bicycles. Seriously, you almost need a bicycle helmet to walk the streets here. :)

Check out the www.EndUserEvent.com site for more details; there is even a Youtube behind-the-scenes channel where you can see the organizers setting up the event, which I found neat.

This year I will be talking about light, the perception thereof, and how to translate that knowledge to what you do in CG.

But I'm not the only one rambling, other speakers include:
  • Jeff Mottle (CG Architect)
  • Wayne Robson (y'know mudbox guy)
  • Rune Spaans (about his work on Troll Hunter)
  • Jamie Gwilliam (Autodesk)
  • Neil Hazzard (Autodesk)
  • Shane Griffith (Autodesk, will be holding an NDA session on future dev. of 3ds Max)
  • Ted Boardman (often mistaken for a member of ZZ top)
  • Johan Boekhoven
  • Eric de Broche
  • Yoni Cohen
  • Borislab "Bobo" Petrov
  • Hristo Velev
  • ...and many more, see here
While waiting, what about the trailer for Troll Hunter that Rune worked on? Think of it as "Cloverfield goes to Norway. With Trolls". :)
See you in Utrecht!



DEPECHEboy! said...

a lot of beer and maybe the group can start s photon atack in this bar.... XD
good luck ...and we are wainting photos and new information about iray or mentalray :)

kalpana said...
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