What if SIGGRAPH was held in a Pub?

Hotel Florin (EUE 2009)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if SIGGRAPH was about 200 of your best friends, had all the cool talks but none of the showfloor commercial glitz... and was held in a pub?

If you think that sounds like a good idea, you should have registered for the End User Event (see previous post). Me? I'm packing my last thing, flying down there now.

If you wish you were there, well..... I told you already. In the aformentioned previous post :)

This year I'm going a bit more abstract than previous years, and will be talking about "the Physics of Light", and 'tis gonna be fun.

I will (connection willing) try to amend this post with some pictures, videos, and other stuff as the event happens.

For those who want the (likely) stream of crazy updates, tune in to my twitter at twitter.com/MasterZap.... connection willing, of course.



Rob Pieké said...

I think it's time for London to host another Beergraph

AKiSeY said...

I was there and followed your class. Very informative, enjoyable and funny to watch. See you next year hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I had the joy of following your class on friday. My compliments, i think it was really good.
Will def. sign up for fxphd.com

Master Zap said...

Thanks, but be warned, something I forgot to mention, my class will ONLY be there if it is scheduled for a re-run. It is NOT available on demand, and I know it is NOT being re-run for the current term (the "July11" term)


Stebanskie said...

I think your friday class was great. Specially reminding thursday night.

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