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Hello Master Zap!
First of all I would like to thank you for all of this great tips, tehy are really helpful.

I am a Maya user and I am pretty new to the mia_material_x
All the tips I found in your blog and around the internet are great and helped me a lot to learn this shader.
And I actually understand they way it works very well. In fact, when I have to create simple materials without havin to use a lot of maps usually the results are successful.
The main problem I have is whenever In want to use some more complicated texture.
Say that I am working on a military vehicle which has a matte finish material, but I want to add scratches revealing the metal layer beneath this matte paint.
Well, the solution would be a spec map, right? Now, where would be the correct channel to input this map?
An here is where I find a bunch of different theories:
some people connects the spec map in the reflection color, some other does in the refelctivity and others they do it in the glossiness.
Technically, every material is reflectin the same environment so, why to connect anything in the reflectivity channel?
And reflected color? If I understood right is the color that the material is going to reflect, so what's the point of adding maps there if usually the reflection color is white (except for pure metals which its diffuse color will affect the reflection color)
Glossiness is the parameter which makes more sense to me because the objects in a same environment have to reflect the same but is the blurriness, or glossiness or how much or less the direct reflection scatters n a surface.
But, is that the correct way?
Also, features like the "metal material" and "Highlighs Only" are great when we are using simple materials, but what happens if we want to use a texture with different parameter in its real life material?

I would like to see some examples of using the mia_material_X with some complex texture because I love this shader, but sometimes I find this limitations that really bother me.

Thank you very much Master Zap.
I will be looking forward to see your future posts.
A thanks again for the great tips!

Unknown said...

hi everybody!i am in vietnam,sorry if my english so bad, i dont know why we use gamma correct node,
first, what is it?and how it work?
for example
when i want to render interior space has object in it, i use physical sun and sky in mental ray,
some people ask me to set gamma in gamma setting to 0.454 and set gamma in mia_exposure_photographic to 1
i dont know why we do that,althought i see that really good,but i dont understand,can you help me?

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