Montreal Trip

Heading over to Montreal again.

I'm sorry this blog doesn't have much content these days, but I'm... busy. But being busy means good things for you guys, right? :)

In a while, there may be some new... interesting... posts here. For now.....



Duncan H said...

The fog in England is like frozen chickens, they do major damage to a turbines :)

Gloria said...

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Lafs1984 said...

I did not know you were in town otherwise you wouldve found a fruit basket and some rhum on your doorstep in the morning ;)
seriously thanks for everything you do and share

btw are you available for in house presentations? I am currently teaching at a small private college in north west montreal and was wondering....if i may be so bold ;)

Anyways, keep it up youre AWESOME!!!

ghfghgfh said...

hi zap

ghfghgfh said...

hi zap

david said...

Hi zap, i am really glad that you are working in autodesk now, i have a question i can resolve how can i get an exr from max 2012 with premultiplied alpha for using in after effects, but i am rendering glass but it doesnt show the transparency... thanks
PD: i already unchecked backface cull and use transparency propagates alpha channel

Jonas said...

I want one of those tractors and the snow-blower with it!

Mahesh said...

cool exiting new stuff coming, i like your blog Zap. Cheers

SoulSEEMovie said...

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travalkunda said...

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